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Update on My Son

Update on My Son

One of the many perks of my job is all the hate that’s thrown my way. If only I was paid by the f-bomb. I just asked one of my haters what her New Year’s resolution is. She shot back with a casual, “F#!% you Caldara!”

Finally, something to look forward to in 2022.

An Update on My Son

As you may remember, I filed a legal complaint against the Boulder Valley School District. I want them to return the year of education they ripped away from my Down syndrome son, Chance.

Chance is 17, can’t read or write (chip off the ol’ block), needs help in the bathroom, and has speech issues. He’s also the coolest guy I know, and I know Dave Kopel.

Remote/online learning was no learning at all for this young man who needed the physical presence and personal interaction of teachers and peers to learn.

Well, we got the first ruling from an Administrative Law Judge, and it went against my son. Mind you, this is the first round in a long fight. The judge largely based her ruling on our governor’s orders to close schools and ban travel. Let’s remember that when Jared Polis tries to call himself the “education governor.”

Please, please, PLEASE read my quick piece on this ruling. Does our governor have the right to deny disabled children their education? If so, isn’t that modern-day segregation?

Kopel Gives DPS a Lesson on the Constitution

When a Denver Public School announced a playground night program exclusively for “Families of Color,” Dave Kopel pointed out that the school was violating the Colorado Constitution, which states: “nor shall any distinction or classification of pupils be made on account of race or color.”

Dave was quoted in global media, ranging from Australia to the London-based Daily Mail, and he also appeared on TV’s Black News Channel. As his article for Complete Colorado explained, Colorado Constitution bans school’s attempts at resegregation.

Every city, county, and special district in Colorado has citizen-led boards and commissions that affect public policy. These boards have, at a minimum, a fiscal impact on you as a taxpayer; often they have rule-making authority that can affect your private property rights.

As an example, the City of Centennial has nine commissions (Centennial Board/Commissions) and is currently accepting applications for openings. The application process is open until February 25, 2022. 

If you have ever wanted to participate in government, without being elected, now is your chance. There are hundreds of openings. Elected officials have appointment power to these boards and with this past election cycle in 2021, there are many openings. “Serving on a local board or commission is an ideal way to make a big impact on your community and to understand how your local government operates,” said Centennial Councilman Don Sheehan.

Applications for boards and commissions are online and easily accessible. Why not apply today? Many complain about the overreach of government, but how many become the solution? Our constitution proclaims, “We the People,” but many choose to be silent. We get the government we elect. However, we also get government overreach when we choose not to participate in limiting its scope through citizen-led boards and commissions.

I am convinced that Aunt Bee from Mayberry R.F.D. was on the library board. She knew what was happening in her community. She not only knew the inner workings of the library board, but she passed on the idea of civic engagement to Andy and Opie. Perhaps we too should listen to Aunt Bee.

Independence Institute’s Rob Natelson approves of the recent federal court decision ending a year-long and baseless lawsuit against our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.

And political commentator Eric Sondermann explains how those who subscribe to the “slippery slope” argument against school choice are leaving underserved families behind.

Check out these stories and more original commentary and reporting on Complete Colorado.

Catch Me Over the Airwaves

As Denver’s talk show hosts burn up their end-of-year vacation time, I get called on to be the substitute teacher. Tune in if you can:

Wednesday and Thursday from 3:00pm – 7:00pm on 710 KNUS
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