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Please don’t hit me…

Please don’t hit me…

Yes, I get it. If you get one more email about Colorado Gives Day today, you’re going to put your fist through the computer screen. I’m getting there too.

That said, hold off hitting anything for just one minute to read this.

We started doing Colorado Gives Day a few years back after I took count of all the progressive causes that solicit through the program: social justice groups, environmental justice groups, groups to unionize government workers, and about every victim celebration group you can imagine.

Their incentive is to get part of the $1.6 million matching grant. The more an organization raises, the larger amount of that limited matching fund they get.

It hacked me off that there were no limited government or conservative causes. So, Independence Institute became the first in order for at least some of that matching fund to go to promoting freedom instead of collectivism. I’m glad to see others have taken our lead.

This year, we’re having a lot of fun by tying the amount we raise to personalized Christmas presents for the Colorado progressives doing the most to take away our freedom. So far, race-baiter, alleged sexual harasser, and DPS board member Tay Anderson will get a year’s subscription to Seventeen magazine. Colorado’s squishiest Republican Kevin Priola will get a Squishmallow. And to recognize Mayor Hancock’s inaction over the vagrant problem, we’re giving him a Squatty Potty, because defecating on Denver’s sidewalks shouldn’t be such a strain.

Governor Polis and Sen. Faith Winter still need their Christmas presents and with each goal attained, the more we trigger them.

Will you help us achieve Liberal Trigger Level: VEIN-POPPING by ensuring we reach our full goal this year? If you’re saying, “Hell yeah!” then click HERE or the big orange button below to donate today. Thank you for supporting us this holiday season, and we look forward to fighting against the tyranny in Colorado alongside you in 2022!


Do you know a teacher? I bet they would love to have $91 to help with Christmas shopping or a nice evening out on the town. Our Education Policy Center is running its annual campaign to alert union teachers about their opportunity to receive a refund for the political portion of their union dues. They must apply for the refund by December 15.

The Colorado Education Association (CEA) calls it the Every Member Option (EMO) program, but the only option is that teachers can ask for a refund. These funds from the state and often local affiliates go to support union-backed candidates and to influence ballot initiatives. Some teachers can be refunded as much as $91, but they must send separate notifications to the state and local affiliates. Teachers can learn more at IndependentTeachers.org. Please enjoy our fun and educational video on the topic and share it with others!

The Sex Offender Management Board wants to change the label, “sex offender” to “adults who have committed sexual assault.” Yes, I’m serious. In my latest, I suggest they’re hostages of the woke mob. That’s too bad because their goal isn’t bad.

Over at Complete Colorado, catch a double-dose of the disastrous Biden Administration as Mike Rosen lays out the descent into fiscal madness that is ‘Build Back Better.’

Then, Randal O’Toole patiently explains that no, inflation is not ‘good for you’, as some on the left would have you believe.

And columnist Ari Armstrong takes a deep-dive into mask mandates and concludes that while masks may help, the mandates make little sense.

Constitutional Law

Rob Natelson, our Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence, is on the board of scholars of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a national trade group of conservative and moderate state legislators. During the first three days of December, he attended ALEC’s national convention in San Diego, where he advised state lawmakers throughout the country on the U.S. Constitution’s amendment process.

Think Freedom!