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Vandalize Our Home!

Vandalize Our Home!

So as Denver has declined to a lawless, littered, vandalized metropolis catering to vagrants and counter-culture druggies searching for their version of the Woodstock Music Festival — which mercifully lasted only a week, produced great music, and saw Abbie Hoffman get hit by Pete Townshend (another reason to love The Who) — have seen the city turned to excrement.

But, in that great Stephen Covey habit of “seek first to understand, then to be understood,” we have decided it’s time for us to do a little vandalism ourselves. And we’d like you to join us.

We want you to mark up, I believe “tag” is the right word, our headquarters, our beloved Freedom Embassy.

It’s hard to believe it’s been over eight years since we opened our Freedom Embassy just blocks from the Capitol. Our vision was to not only provide an Independence Institute headquarters, but also a safe meeting and work space for our sometimes dysfunctional freedom coalition (libertarians, conservatives, political establishment folk, and the grassroots).

Since that time, our Freedom Embassy has done so much for Independence Institute, the center-right coalition, and the citizens of Colorado. While the left has scores of offices and buildings to house their operations and coalitions work, and their investments have paid off, ours is the first to counter them. Consider us Omaha Beach for limited government.

Our building is so well used, we’re wearing it out. The tiles on this late-1960’s classic were literally breaking apart and the floor needs to be replaced. But before we lay down the new floor, we’d like to come over for a Floor Signing Happy Hour where you can, quite literally, leave your mark on the Freedom Embassy. As friends of Independence Institute, we hope you feel ownership over all the great things happening here. So come leave a message of hope or a prediction to the people who will discover your messages when replacing the floor decades from now.

We’ll have drinks and snacks and giant Sharpies for you to tag the floor. Whether it’s a quick note of what the Freedom Embassy has done for you, a note of support for II, or a note on your hopes for Colorado, we’d love for you to permanently become part of the Freedom Embassy.

Thursday, October 28, 2021
5:30pm – 7:00pm

Independence Institute’s Freedom Embassy
727 E. 16th Ave.
Denver, CO 80203
Free onsite parking

As a bonus, we will be announcing the winner of our infamous “Californian of the Year” award, recognizing the individual who has done the most this year to destroy the great state of Colorado. It may only be October, but trust me, there’s no shortage of worthy contenders. We’ll see you there!

Think Freedom,