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Fighting back on taxes…again

Fighting back on taxes…again

This last Colorado legislative session was brutal on our liberty and our wallets. Using the old “call a tax increase a fee” trick, they raised our taxes by over $600 million a year. Well, we’re taking it back.

Last year, thanks to you, we created Proposition 116, a ballot measure to reduce Colorado’s income tax rate. The measure passed by a whopping 16% margin, putting $160 million back into the pockets of taxpayers in year one alone.

Proposition 116, while meaningful in and of itself, helped us gauge voter appetite for lower taxes and limited government. Well, you and your fellow Colorado citizens spoke resoundingly, so I’m at it again.

This time around, I am proponent for a 2022 initiative that preserves Colorado’s flat income tax and lowers the rate from 4.55% to 4.40%. When successful, it will return roughly the same amount they’ve stolen from us in taxes without asking. We’d have loved to put it on this year’s ballot but, and you’re gonna love this, they passed a law that citizen-initiated tax cuts can only go on even-year ballots, while tax increases can go on every year.

That said, the title has been set and we now must gather over 125,000 signatures to successfully get it on next year’s ballot. In the coming weeks, I will share how you can sign the petition and how you can best help us deliver this tax cut for Coloradans!

Help us teach the socialists under the gold dome that taxation should be consensual. #TaxpayersToo.

Complete Colorado, Independence Institute’s journalism arm, continues to deliver original commentary and investigative reporting that has real-world impact. Here are the latest examples.

Complete’s Sherrie Peif reported in June on Lakewood City Council’s plans to impose a massive tax on tobacco products. Natalie Menten, a Lakewood resident who has been fighting this issue, credited Complete’s widely read coverage for helping bring attention (and outrage) to the issue. So much so that the city council members reversed course and killed the plan on June 28, just weeks after passing it on first reading.

Next, Complete Colorado broke a story outlining Foothills Parks and Recreation District’s (FPRD) plans to impose a concealed carry ban. Upon learning of it, Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader responded with a letter to FPRD (shared with Complete) indicating that his office would not enforce it. Not only that, Sherrie’s continued investigation reveals there’s never been a concealed carry incident in Foothills Parks and Recreation District anyway.

Finally, please read and share my latest columns:

The team at Complete Colorado is committed to helping keep citizens informed and governments accountable, breaking important local stories that often aren’t getting coverage elsewhere. Make CompleteColorado.com part of your daily news diet.

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