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Guess what initiative we just filed with the Secretary of State?

Guess what initiative we just filed with the Secretary of State?

When politicians refuse to do the right thing, we at Independence will do it for them.

Case in point, a recent bill to lower the state income tax was recently executed in committee. Fortunately, we have placed a permanent flat income tax reduction on this fall’s ballot. It will lower Colorado’s income tax to a flat 4.4%. It will be fascinating to see if the voters agree with the Democratic legislator who killed the idea.

Democratic legislators also just killed a bill for curriculum transparency like it was a death-row inmate, which Colorado doesn’t even have anymore. State Representative Tim Geitner brought forward a bill for simple curriculum transparency so that parents could see the educational materials and guest speakers before their kids went to school. I can’t imagine a more harmless bill.

Parents have the right to pull their kid from a lesson they find objectionable. But how can you judge a lesson if you can’t see the educational tools first? Parents shouldn’t have to wait until their kids come home with handouts and reading materials before they get even a hint of what’s already been taught.

So back to the people we go…again.

Last week I filed a new ballot initiative that expands Colorado’s Open Records Act (CORA) to allow parents to access the teaching materials to be used in their kid’s public school. I’m honored to have Rep. Geitner as my co-sponsor.

It doesn’t give parents power to cancel or alter a curriculum, but instead lets them know what their child is being taught. Assuming we can get enough signatures to get it on the ballot and voters pass it this fall, it will give parents the power to see the educational materials their kids are going to see, if they would like.

For a group of people who love pushing solar power on people, our state legislators really hate sunshine.

Stay tuned!

John Kellner, DA of Colorado’s 18th District and candidate for Colorado AG, sits down with me to discuss the crime wave and fentanyl epidemic that Colorado, and much of the country, are experiencing.

In my latest column, I ask Governor Polis a simple question. How can you condemn the Russian war against Ukraine while simultaneously declaring war on Colorado’s oil and gas industry? Gov. Polis, please, if you care about children being killed in Ukraine, if you want to stand up to Russia, please, please stop virtue signaling. Use your authority and legislature to repeal SB-181. Replace the activists on your cabinet, boards, and commissions and reverse their policies and save Ukrainian lives.

Ben Murrey and Jordan Cottrell call out majority Democrats for abusing ‘kill committees’ to avoid debating Republican bills.

Also, guest columnist Jesse Mallory looks at the Democrats’ absurd bill banning gas-powered lawn equipment (no, really).

And reporter Sherrie Peif looks at Xcel Energy’s strongarm efforts to force the Town of Superior to enact stringent new building codes that will benefit…you guessed it…Xcel.

There are many ways to affect your local government. Are you willing to step out in faith and just do it?

Did you know you can be part of the El Paso County Community Corrections Board? Click here for more information.

Did you know you can be part of the governor-appointed Child Support Commission? Click here for more information

There are thousands of boards and commissions in Colorado – many of them in your local community. Independence Institute is hosting our next Local Government Class on March 22 at 6:30 pm by Zoom (www.i2i.org/local-gov). This class will help you get appointed! You will learn the why, the how, and the best way you can affect your local government.

Think Freedom!