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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to cancel our yearly fundraising event, Founders’ Night and transition to an “imaginary” format. We sold imaginary table sponsorships and imaginary tickets (you can see the names of some of the folks who donated below.) Since our event was imaginary, we were able to invite some amazing speakers!

We had planned to honor Colorado’s Gallagher family with our Dave D’Evelyn Award. They have bucked the corporate trend of apologizing for their industry as they proudly sell tobacco products at their Smoker Friendly stores and they lean into the political incorrectness of it. No wonder they’ve always loved our Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Party and supplied us with their great cigars. We will honor them at next year’s dinner.

Activist and radio host Kim Monson was to receive our Vern Bickel Award for standing up to local socialism and honoring World War II heroes by capturing their stories for future generations.

As you know, our Founders’ Night Dinner is our major fundraising event so canceling it is quite a financial hit. It is our hope that those of you who were planning to attend or sponsor a table would consider donating that amount directly to Independence. We would love to add your name or company to our list of sponsors below! The reality is that our work will be more needed than ever in Colorado as progressives make sure not to “waste this crisis” by growing the size and scope of government.

Who will stand in their way? We will. This could well be our finest hour.




Joseph Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Asher

Philip Friedmann