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Issue Papers

  • The Challenges of Opening a Charter School: Three Colorado Case Studies
    The Challenges of Opening a Charter School: Three Colorado Case Studies0
    • July 18, 2017

    The steady expansion of charter schools in Colorado has introduced these autonomous public schools to communities across the state. Yet significant misunderstandings about charter schools, their purpose, and the nature of their existence remain. Outside of education policy circles, few are aware of the diversity of charter schools, the wide variety of student populations they


Issue Backgrounders

  • The State of K-12 Union Contract Transparency
    The State of K-12 Union Contract Transparency0
    • February 26, 2015

    More than a decade before Proposition 104 shone a light on the negotiation process, the General Assembly required that the negotiation product should be made available using online technology. Lacking any sort of enforcement mechanism, a significant minority of bargaining school districts have fallen short of the basic expectation, though persistent reminders helped in many cases. Given the experience with union contract transparency, citizens should not take for granted full compliance with the letter and spirit of the new open negotiations law.



Blog Posts

  • Abominable Snowbills Look to Gut Accountability in Colorado0
    • February 2, 2016

    In case you haven’t noticed, it’s snowing outside. Like, a lot. The good news is that the snowstorm means I get to hang out at home, drink hot chocolate, and make snow angels. The bad news is that there is an approximately 63 percent higher chance of attack by abominable snowmen like this one: View […]



  • 2017 School Board Candidate Briefing Materials
    2017 School Board Candidate Briefing Materials0
    • October 23, 2017

    The Education Policy Center has received numerous requests for the information it provided to school board candidates across Colorado this year. One of the Center’s primary goals is to educate local education leaders about important education policy issues, thereby equipping them to make smart, well-informed decisions in their school districts. As part of that effort,


Other Publications