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  • Gun ban for young adults would be wholly unconstitutional

    Gun ban for young adults would be wholly unconstitutional0

    Besides violating the laws of some states and cities, firearms bans for young adults also violate the Constitution. In District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), the Supreme Court reiterated that “[c]onstitutional rights are enshrined with the scope they were understood to have when the people adopted them.” When the Second Amendment was adopted, there were no firearms restrictions on 18-to-20-year-olds, and they were included in every militia across the country.

  • Firearms Laws of Vietnam

    Firearms Laws of Vietnam0

    • Guns
    • November 28, 2017

    Vietnam has one of the strictest gun laws in the world. The policy reflects the cultural and historical influences that have shaped the nation. Little has been written on Vietnamese gun control, in part because of the inaccessibility and loss of documents as a result of the country’s violent history. This Issue Paper provides an overview of the history of firearm laws in Vietnam and a translation of the current laws. Part I surveys arms laws in Vietnam from 1427 to the present. Part II provides an English translation of the current law, which was issued in 2011. Part III is the Vietnamese text of that law.

  • Dave Kopel testimony on Senate Bill 5

    Dave Kopel testimony on Senate Bill 50

    Audio of Independence Institute research director David Kopel testifying in favor of Senate Bill 5, training standards for armed personnel in schools. Audio file is 3:49.



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