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The residents of Colorado have been roiled by public arguments over the proper scope of government and the level of taxes and spending appropriate and necessary to finance its operations. Unfortunately, Coloradans often hear most from the people and special interests who benefit most from the spoils of an ever-expanding government. Our citizens need clear analysis of government taxation and spending from non-partisan experts focused exclusively on the interests of residents and taxpayers. The Fiscal Policy Center does just that.

The purpose of the Fiscal Policy Center is to protect the pocketbooks of Colorado taxpayers and ensure government spends Coloradans’ hard-earned money responsibly and efficiently on essential government services. The center produces substantive policy analysis, educates the public on its findings, and promotes fiscal policy ideas centered around the principles of limited government, the free market, and the liberty of individuals and families to choose where their money goes.

Latest Posts

  • All the taxes you cannot see

    All the taxes you cannot see0

    by Jon Caldara Seeing is believing. So, it’s no wonder many in government prefer to work in the dark. It’s not just that they don’t want us to know what they’re fully doing. They don’t want us to know what we’re fully paying. The reason for this emotional manipulation is clear. If the cost of

  • Gender-based wage gap myth still being perpetuated

    Gender-based wage gap myth still being perpetuated0

    Studies showing a pay gap do not account for differences in individual choices about what profession to pursue, or how much to work.

  • PERA’s Problems in 2016

    PERA’s Problems in 20160

    Colorado’s Public Employee Retirement Association, PERA, is the public pension plan for Colorado’s state workers and public school teachers, as well as some local government employees. PERA has five major divisions, State Division, School Division, Denver Public Schools Division, Local Government Division, and Judicial Division. Far and away, the two largest divisions are the State and School Division.

    PERA’s largest offering is its Defined Benefit plan, which promises lifetime benefits for retirees, based on age at retirement and years worked. It functions in lieu of Social Security for its active members. The plan is funded by a combination of government contributions and member contributions, which vary from division to division. PERA also offers a smaller Defined Contribution plan.



Ben Murrey, Fiscal Policy Center Director
Email: Ben@i2i.org
Phone: 303-279-6536, ext 105