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EPClogoThe Education Policy Center promotes issues such as school choice, school accountability, and teachers’ rights through its in-house publications, print media, Internet, radio, television, and legislative briefings. Calling for greater involvement of parents in the role of educating children, this Colorado think tank was the first in the state to promote ideas such as educational vouchers, charter schools, educator accountability, and public school report cards.






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  • Cooking the Books: Racial and Sexual Politics in the SAT?0

    • October 1, 1994

    America’s academic accountant has developed sticky fingers. By distorted entries in two separate accounts, grading and the SAT, the country is being scammed. We are robbed of valid measure of school results, and student achievers are deprived of just rewards for real ability.

    When 90% of Stanford students receive grades of A or B, the standard curve is destroyed. When over 40% of Harvard students make the honor role every term, flunking out necessitates a deliberate act of self-immolation.

  • A Layman's Guide to the Great "Reading" Controversy0

    • January 11, 1994

    If you regularly read articles like this, you are probably a member of one of several generations Americans taught to read by an approach known as the basal reader approach. If you can think back and hear any of your teachers saying, :Take out your readers,” or “Take out your workbooks.” or if you can remember flash cards, taking turns reading a story orally, working on worksheets, or following the adventures of one family, whether they were Dick, Jane, Sally, Puff, and Spot; or Jack, Janet, Penny, Tip, and Mitten, you were undoubtedly taught to read by the basal reader approach. And if you regularly read the daily newspaper, or popular or specialized periodicals, you are a literate citizen who can function effectively in American society.

  • The ABCs of OBE: Whats Wrong with 'Outcome Based Education'0

    • January 1, 1994

    Throughout America, the federal government is imposing a new educational program called “Outcome Based Education” (OBE). Under OBE, students no longer earn grades based on their mastery of a curriculum. Instead, students are evaluated on whether they have attained various “outcomes,” many of them vaguely-defined.

  • Contracting Out Instructional Services: Education's New Frontier0

    • November 25, 1993

    The idea of contracting out instructional services is gaining momentum in Colorado and throughout the United States.

    In the 1993 legislative session, Colorado took the lead on the issue; first by enacting a charter schools law, since charter schools may become heavy consumers of privatize educational services. Secondly, the legislature passed House Bill 93-1118, which makes it clear that school districts have full authority to hire private contractors for any service, including educational services.

  • "Education Standards" Proposal Will Harm Education0

    • May 5, 1993

    Academin Standards Could Fall, While Political Correctness Standards Rise:
    House bill 1313 promises to improve educational standards for public scholl students, but will have the opposite effect. The bill shifts curricular control towards a state-level bureaucracy, where educrats would outnumber the educators. The top-down curriculum and its creators would be weighted towards political correctness rather than to neutral standards of educational excellence.

  • Charter Schools: Colorado's Mandate For Change0

    • April 21, 1993

    Blackmon, a mother from boulder, says charter schools would serve 13 interests including neighborhoods, diversity, equity, measuring performance school pride, reducing dropouts, better teaching, parental involvement, raising standards, facilitating choice, maintaining student interaction, preserving extracurricular options, and Strengthening school leadership.