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EPClogoThe Education Policy Center promotes issues such as school choice, school accountability, and teachers’ rights through its in-house publications, print media, Internet, radio, television, and legislative briefings. Calling for greater involvement of parents in the role of educating children, this Colorado think tank was the first in the state to promote ideas such as educational vouchers, charter schools, educator accountability, and public school report cards.






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  • Pharmaceutical Price Controls: Pay Now or Pay Later0

    • June 19, 2002

    Would you pay more for drugs now in order to ensure a wide choice of current treatments and an abundant supply of new cures twenty years from now If you said yes, you disagree with the Colorado Progressive Coalition (CPC), the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the Colorado AFL-CIO, and the Lutheran Office of

  • Do We Need Warning Labels For Lies In The Library0

    • April 17, 2002

    In September 2000, publishing house Alfred A. Knopf handed professional librarians a knotty problem. It published Arming America, a book in which Emory University professor Michael Bellesiles outlined research supposedly showing that guns were rare in America from the Colonial period to the Civil War. The book was awarded Columbia Universitys Bancroft Prize in history

  • Online Education: Stop The Discrimination Now0

    • April 4, 2002

    The State of Colorado is discriminating against little Emma Moody, a home-schooled third grader. Emma has lived in Colorado since she was born, and Emma’s parents pay taxes in Colorado. Emma is facing a type of discrimination that takes place in no other state in the nation. Emma is barred from enrolling in public school online education programs, but Emma’s younger brother, David, can enroll in a public online program at the kindergarten or first grade level. The discrimination does not begin until you are entering second grade.

  • Let Teachers’ Unions Pay For Union Business0

    • November 10, 2001

    Why should taxpayers pay for union officers to take time off and attend union functions? Collective bargaining agreements between school districts and teachers throughout the state provide for leave for the president of the teachers’ union and other union officers to conduct union business and attend union-sponsored activities, conferences, and workshops.

  • Public K-12 Online Education: Stop the Discrimination0

    • November 1, 2001

    Technology is expanding opportunities in education. Today elementary and secondary students can enroll in an online education program and never walk into a brick and mortar building. Students can take most any class online, even art and music. They usually communicate with a teacher through e-mail and telephone. Students can enroll in a private program and pay tuition, or enroll in a public program through a Colorado public school district for free. Through a law passed in 1998, the State of Colorado sanctioned online public education programs. All public education online programs are supervised by local school districts according to state guidelines, just like brick and mortar public schools.

  • Should Gun Shows Be Outlawed McCain bill does much more than impose background checks0

    • September 5, 2001

    Prepared by Alan Korwin, David Kopel and Linda Gorman Executive Summary There is no gun show loophole. Guns sales at gun shows are currently subject to exactly the same laws as apply to gun sales anywhere else. Research for the U.S. Department of Justice, by scholars, and even by Sarah Brady#39;s organization shows that gun