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April 10, 2017

The Fix Our Damn Roads issue committee is presently seeking proposals from interested parties for a campaign manager for a 2017 statewide initiative campaign concerning transportation funding.

Proposed Request and Criteria:

By way of this notice, Fix Our Damn Roads issue committee is soliciting firms interested in serving as the contract campaign manager beginning May 30, 2017 through December 1, 2017.  If your firm would like to be considered for this position, we ask that you provide the following information with the response being no more than six (6) pages in length:

  • Background information on your firm’s expertise in the area, including all aspects of statewide initiative campaigns, and also including a complete list of current clients and references;
  • Biographical and/or background information about the person (or persons) from your organization who will be accountable to the executive committee of Fix Our Damn Roads (i.e. resume, qualifications, work history, etc.);
  • Information on any knowledge, or previous work done, regarding transportation funding;
  • Examples of advertisements, social media posts and other materials used to communicate with voters, media and opinion leaders that you have created;
  • Your firm’s policy or procedure on dealing with conflicts of interest; and
  • An estimate of compensation requirements for providing the requests.

Interviews will be conducted by the executive committee of Fix Our Damn Roads.

Proposals must be submitted electronically or by mail on or before May 20, 2017.

Damon Sasso
VP of Operations
Independence Institute
727 East 16th Avenue
Denver, CO  80203-2048

Download PDF file